In this third-person platformer set in a mysterious and spiritual realm, you are on a journey of ridding a dark world from its corruption and eventual decay.


Mountable Companion and AI

Kill your darlings

As one of my first tasks I made a mountable companion. As the game evolved towards more of a platformer than an exploring game we decided not to use it. Also the landscape shaped up to be more mountainous than steppe like. 


Overarching Technical Responsibility

Gluing it all together


The game manager kept track of the game state and adjusted things accordingly. These were things like playing the correct music, opening or blocking paths for the player and changing the visuals of the level.


Alter the environment

Make the player feel progression

As part of our game’s core narrative, the world and the environment needed to change and hint to the player what was going on. Here we are changing the post processing effects and colors to get the mood we want. 


SFX & VFX systems

Make it pop

I made a system for playing different sound effects and a system for displaying visual effects. They were used for the player character's footsteps and abilities.