Singleplayer strategy game where you compete against several AI controlled characters for control over the mediterranean by the means of war or marital inheritance.


Display Information

Empower the player to make the right decisions

The most important user interface in the game is the character window. Here the player can get information about all the characters and interact with them.

An algorithm to find a character’s relatives and display them in a manner that represents a family tree.

An event system to notify the player about different things occuring in the game world. Through this, the AI is able to interact with the player.

A user interface to display the information of a region. Here you can construct buildings and handle your army as well.

User interfaces displaying in depth information regarding current wars.

User Interface used to display the current ingame date and to manipulate the game speed.

User interface to display the player's treasury, income and army size.

Realm Name Text

Dynamic ownership

An algorithm for displaying realm names over owned regions. They are dynamic and change position, rotation and size when regions swaps owners. Also the names of the realms changes depending of how many regions  are controlled.  The realm texts also fades in and out based on the level of zoom.


Portrait system

Making it personal

With the help of an awesome website I created our portraits. These are set based on gender and age and are swapped as the characters age.


Character Deaths

Making the simulation believable

Death by old age


Youth mortality


I together with another developer created a system to handle inheritance between characters.

A function to calculate a character’s chance to die based on their age. It follows an exponential curve. Characters have a very small chance to die from birth that further decreases as they age but starts to increase fast after a certain age, fifty in our case.


Army Behaviour

Controlling the army

The player unit is selected by either direct clicking on it or by dragging a window over it. This is displayed to the player by a white outline around the unit.

Together we made a A* pathfinding algorithm that the units uses to traverse our map. I also made a function that displayed the player unit's current path represented as a line.

I thought it was hard to assess a unit’s strength while playing. Therefore I added small box that displayed the character’s color and the unit’s current strength.