Retro Arcade SinglePlayer and Local Co-op Shoot-Em-Up.


High Score System

Friendly competition

When I started working on the high score system it already saved and displayed the best high score. My task was to save it between playthroughs. I then developed the reading and writing systems that saves the high score to a text file. I later adjusted it to accommodate the ability to save the seven best high scores and show up on the credits screen.


Player Characters

Destroy in style

During the project I worked extensively with the player characters. It was a natural choice because I started with the input system.


Enemy Character

Exploding boxes, how innovative

I created the box as our first enemy prototype, but it eventually evolved and became our fully functional but only adversary. Over the course of the project I added new effects to the box character.


Controller Support

Fun level increased

The controller support works seamlessly with the keyboard input so each player can choose what to use.