Arrowhood is a 4-player, local split screen fps game. It draws inspiration from the older, fast paced FPS games like Quake, while mixing it with modern FPS games mechanics.


Target System

Repurpose your work

The game was first supposed to be about racing towards a target using parkour and shooting it with your bow. When we added multiplayer we also wanted to be able to affect the other players and soon the game had evolved into what it is today.


Stat Tracking

Who did what

During the game all the relevant stats are saved for each player and can be viewed on command.



Present the winner


At the end of a match the stats collected during gameplay are displayed and the best player can boast.


Feel the draw of the bow

Inspired by other similar games I made a hit marker and a draw circle for the bow.


Tutorial User Interface

Help the player learn

Me and another developer made the logic for the tutorial user interface prompts.